Age is only a number and all these seniors look great and I’m sure they feel great too!

as reported on Facebook by Winkgo  All photo courtesy of Ari Seth Cohen

It’s been said that age is a state of mind. Sometimes a teenager might live a life that is less exciting than a 90-year-old who lives each day to the fullest. Being elderly also doesn’t mean that you have to wear drab looking clothes.

Photographer Ari Seth Cohen created an incredible collection of photos of older adults wearing jaw-dropping styles that belong on the fashion runway. He has published a book entitled ‘Advanced Style: Older & Wiser‘ and it features fashion forward seniors wearing the most stylish clothes. Growing older doesn’t mean you need to drop your style game and these seniors prove it.

After looking at all these beautifully dressed seniors, I may need to step up my style game! Be sure to visit Ari Seth Cohen’s ‘Advanced Style’ for more terrific photos.

Seriously these seniors are rockin their looks!!