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Foushee salonspa Bridal Services

Foushee salonspa has over 20 years experience with bridal planning and services. Foushee salonspa’s top bridal hairstyle experts will work in harmony with you to capture the perfect wedding day look that you’ve always dreamed of. We will carefully consult with you, consider your wedding dress, headpiece, accessories, and hairstyle to accentuate your best features and allow your personality to shine through. Foushee salonspa will provide seamless service from any location of your choice, whether it’s your home, hotel, church, or in our Denver and Littleton Salons! Our wedding hair experts will create a flawless look, ensuring that you will look stunning when you walk down the aisle. Wedding party? Let our stylists, makeup artists, and estheticians take care of you and your wedding party.


Plan ahead for a picture perfect day. We suggest starting six months before your wedding. This gives you time to get hair, skin, body and nails in picture perfect condition. It provides you and your beauty team time to perfect the ideal style for your special day.


Bridal Hair Styling & Makeup Service Fees:

Element 1 -2 <price>Brides $75 / Bridal Party $60 per person</price>
Element 3 -4 <price>Brides $85 / Bridal Party $70 per person</price>
Element 5<price>Brides $100 / Bridal Party $85 per person</price>
Master Stylist <price>Brides $115 / Bridal Party $100 per person</price>
Kara Forshay, Owner <price>Brides $165 / Bridal Party $150 per person</price>
Makeup Application <price>Brides $75 / Bridal Party $65 per person</price>

Bridal preparation & planning

Trial Run Hair & MakeUp

We require every bride to have an in-depth consultation and full trial run with headpieces before the day of the event. All Brides must have a makeup consultation or full trial makeup run before the day of the event.

Addition information: 

  • Total fees must be paid at the time of booking. 
  • Any additional services added on the day of will be charged the day of the event such as other bridal or family members, brow shaping, extensions, updos, men’s grooming, lash purchase and application.
  • Arrive with clean, dry hair the day of the wedding (except blowouts) *For up do, please wear a button-down shirt or bathrobe and bring all hair accessories with you.
  • Gratuity is paid to the service provider the day of the event. 


Helpfulhints for your big day

  1. The entire bridal party needs to arrive early to allow appropriate time for all services.
  2. Wash hair the day before, day old hair makes for more volume.
  3. Come bare faced, without makeup
  4. Wear a button front shirt, spa robe. Avoid any clothing that needs to be worn over the head.

Early Call Accommodations:

If the venue is more than 60 miles from 80123 and requires an 8 AM or earlier call hotel accommodations will need to be booked and paid directly to the hotel by the bride. One room will typically accommodate two Foushee team members if needed.

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