Transform hair with an exceptional blend of next generation Keratin and a botanical complex unmatched by any other luxury haircare collection.

Keratin Healing Oil

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  • Lustrous Shampoo


    Ultra-rich, creamy lather provides gentle cleansing.

    • Adds body & volume while protecting hair color.
    • Replenishes optimal moisture.
    • Super-concentrated healing actives restore healthy strength.
    • Hair is left soft, smooth & lustrous.
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  • Cleansing Cream


    Light cleansing formula refreshes hair as an “in between shampoo”, shampoo.

    • Lather-free alternative to traditional shampoos.
    • Formulated for those who want to skip a day (or two) from traditional shampooing.
    • Refreshes hair without removing natural oils.
    • Fortifies & heals hair with protein & nutrients.
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  • Lustrous Conditioner


    Ultra-luxurious, daily healing conditioner.

    • Replenishes optimal moisture while restoring elasticity & shine.
    • Builds strength with super-concentrated actives.
    • Hair is left soft, smooth & lustrous.
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  • Hair Treatment


    The first volumizing oil adds a brilliant shine without weight.

    • Builds strength with concentrated healing actives.
    • Provides flexible body & bounce.
    • Rehydrates hair so that it’s soft & silky smooth.
    • Shortens drying time.
    • Provides high-temperature thermal & UV protection.
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  • Intensive Hair Masque


    Contains Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant to heal damaged hair & restore essential lipids.

    • Replenishes moisture, restores elasticity & renews strength.
    • Keratin protein reconstructs the inner layers to add body & bounce.
    • Phyto IV Complex rehydrates so hair becomes soft & silky smooth.
    • Deep intensive therapy formula contains anti-aging actives.
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  • Bounce Up Spray


    Delivers plump, voluminous blow-outs with body & bounce

    • Weightless formula builds robust thickness & fullness
    • Reduces drying time while providing extreme heat protection
    • Diminishes surface friction so brushes glide through easily
    • Provides long-lasting style with no build-up or product feel
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  • Brush Thru Hair Spray


    Restyleable working spray with rebound memory.

    • A truly brushable medium hold hair spray.
    • Clean, residue-free formula won’t build-up or leave flakes.
    • Lightweight & versatile with a shiny finish.
    • Micro-fine gentle mist allows for up-close, pin-point styling & updos.
    • Hold: 6 of 10.
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  • Defrizz Cream

    • Instantly eliminates the most stubborn frizz & flyaways
    • Locks-down cuticles to block-out humidity
    • Reduces porosity to shield against water intrusion
    • Detangles & unsnarls coarse, unmanageable hair
    • Smooths hair while leaving a brilliant shine
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  • Hair Plumper Spray


    Fattens skinny hair strands.

    • Gives hair a fuller, more robust appearance.
    • Bulks-up hair without adding weight.
    • Defines & separates any style.
    • Provides added dimension.
    • Hold: 4 of 10.
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  • Lustrous Finishing Spray


    Ultra long-lasting, strong hold formula.

    • Fast-drying, flake-free & humidity resistant.
    • Adds extraordinary volume & lustrous shine.
    • Offers full spectrum UV protection.
    • Provides high-temperature thermal protection.
    • Hold: 9 of 10.
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  • Smooth Down Spray


    Delivers smooth, sleek, glossy blow-outs without being heavy or oily

    • Calms & tames hair while reducing puffiness & flyaways
    • Reduces drying time while providing extreme heat protection
    • Diminishes surface friction so brushes glide through easily
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