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Highlights Full <price>$78-118</price>
Highlights Partial <price>$50-90</price>
Highlights QuickLites <price>$40-80</price>
Color with Highlights <price>$102-126</price>
Base Color and Gloss <price>$66-86</price>
Color Retouch <price>$52-72</price>
Color All Over <price>$62-82</price>
Balayage <price>$124-234</price>
Platinum Card <price>$110-170</price>
Platinum Card Touch Up <price>$76-116</price>
Corrective Color <price> determined at consultation </price>

What In The World Is Balayage? Why does everyone love it?

Balayage is a French word meaning "to sweep or to paint". The Foushee hairstylists love, love love this technique for highlighting the hair in which the haircolor is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. If you are looking for the most natural way to color your hair... this is it.  Our team is specially trained in color placement and tone selection that really frames the face and lights up your natural skin tone.  

Foushee Color Consultations


HairColor prices are quoted after your stylist consultation. There are so many variables to achieving the color of your dreams. Your stylist will detail any color processes needed to ensure outstanding results. These may include pre-color steps, post-color conditioning, and professional homecare recommendations to ensure healthy hair and color longevity.  

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