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Foushee nails

Luxurious nail treatments designed to give you great looking healthy nails.

 A manicure (or pedicure) at Foushee salonspa is a therapeutic experience. Particular attention is given to maintaining the health of your nails and the delicate tissue surrounding them. Safety and sanitation are the foundations of nail department. Guys and Gals rave about our experience. Your hands and feet will be pampered, your senses enlightened and your overall well-being enhanced.

Weightless Pedicures

Our Weightless Pedicures are all performed in "The Perfect Chair™". This chair is a perfect fit for everyone because it creates the best circulation and relaxation for the body. We line the chair with a feather bed to provide the ultimate in relaxation. You will be wrapped in a warm blanket, a heated neck wrap will be placed around your neck and shoulders. Once you are reclined, we lay an eye pillow over your eyes while you drift off into dreamland.


Millionaire Manicure - 45 minutes <price>$38</price>
Express Manicure - 30 minutes <price>$22</price>
Men's Hand Detail - 45 minutes <price>$32</price>
Polish Change - 15 minutes <price>$8</price>
Shellac/Gel Polish Added to Manicure - 15 minutes <price>$18</price>
Nail Art (When Added To Manicure) <price> variable based on art </price>
Paraffin Enhancement to Manicure <price>$15</price>
Weightless Pedicures

Hot Rockin' Pedicure - 80 minutes <price>$78</price>
Float Away Pedicure - 75 minutes <price>$68</price>
Cloud 9 Pedicure - 50 minutes <price>$55</price>
Men's Foot Detail - 45 minutes <price>$48</price>
Express Pedicure - 35 minutes <price>$38</price>

Meet Some OfOur Nail Experts

  • RoSean Brown
    Nail Therapist
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  • Cassandra Rowland
    Barber/Level 4 Stylist/Esthetician/NailĀ 
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