This is Foushee

Foushee SalonSpa has been a Denver beauty destination for over 26 years and counting. Kara Forshay opened her doors in 1997 with a big dream with two goals in mind — create an oasis where she wanted to go everyday and to make a safe space for colleagues to join her. Since then Kara has been fostering this vision by building a strong salon team that operates like a family to both each other and their clients.

Luxury Salon Services

Cuts, color and styling for a great look.

Education & Core Values

We believe that education leads to success and follow that philosophy with our teams. Education is one of our Top Core Values, and we make it a priority. We do a big gathering/educational event with the whole team (we like to refer to ourselves as The Foushee Family) 4 times a year and monthly classes for each department.

Element System

For our Hair Stylists, we use an Element System or Level System. They start out as an Element 1 and work their way up to Element 5, and then on to Master Stylist. Every FOUSHEE Stylist undergoes extensive advanced cutting, styling, and hair color education. Each stylist is personally evaluated by Kara Forshay, FOUSHEE salonspa owner, so that you can be comfortable and confident with any stylist’s level of performance.

26 Years and Still Going Strong

"We were just a salon at that time. I opened it because I wanted a great place to work that focused on excellence in all areas. I wanted to work at a salon where everyone loved what they did and a place where people were treated well. The clients as well as the staff." Kara Forshay opened Salon Foushee April 21, 1997.

Beautiful Spa

Let your stress melt away with our spa experiences.

SPA & Skin Care

Proper skin care is essential for your health and wellness. Our Foushee spa offers the most advanced skin care therapy and products in our skin care suites. You will always receive a thorough skin analysis and consultation before each treatment. Afterward, our therapists can recommend products for a customized skin care regimen for you to use at home.

Foushee Medspa

Foushee Medspa is an aesthetic medical spa located within Foushee SalonSpa. We offers the latest in optimal health and skin care to help you achieve the look you desire. Enjoy personal, professional services with the attention that you deserve. Contact our front desk at 303.973.8336 to learn more.

Eminence Skin Care

Our salon spa offers Eminence Skin Care. You can find our online Eminence shop by clicking here.

Top Products

Exceptional products to help keep your experience and look going when you get home.

L'Anza Healing Center

Foushee salonspa is a proud LANZA HEALING Center which means we specialize in all things LANZA inducing unique cutting techniques, advanced hair color training, home care, and pro tools. L’ANZA harnesses the extraordinary healing power of Mother Nature in all products. Our formulators and herbalists understand the special nourishing and healing powers of nature. Each L’ANZA formula is synergistically blended with the finest-quality and an abundance of natural, wildcrafted and organic botanicals to deliver unsurpassed healing results. L’ANZA takes extraordinary care in hand-selecting the best wildcrafted botanicals from sustainable forests, jungles and woodlands throughout the world. These organic, non-GMO plants provide the utmost purity, potency and efficacy to deliver unmatched beautifying benefits to the hair.

Professional Brand We Offer