Experience top-notch treatments from our talented medical & holistic professionals! Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and delivering stunning results that leave you feeling confident and rejuvenated. Whether you’re looking to smooth out wrinkles or enhance your natural beauty, heal aching muscles or relieve joint pain, start a highly effective weight-loss journey, or bring back your confidence by growing your hair thicker and stronger.  We have you covered!

MedSpa Pricing

Botox Reg price


VIP Botox Membership


This exclusive program unlocks special savings and is specifically designed for anyone seeking an affordable way to restore and maintain their youthful glow. Your $135 monthly fee goes into your botox savings account, AND you unlock your special price of $10/unit.

Dermal Fillers Syringes

starting at $500 and up

Vitamin B Injections

$25/per or package of 6 for $90

Latisse Visit

call for pricing and availability

Weight Loss Program Introduction


During this appointment you will have a full medical consultation with our RN Jenny. She will provide you with the benefits of the medications available and find out which one is best suited for you. This program is designed to support you through your entire weight loss journey.

Muscle Activation


Muscle Activation is a 60min treatment that has several benefits including reducing pain, increasing circulation, improving posture, and restoring flexibility. Our Neuromuscular Specialist will assess your movements, help reestablish your neuromuscular connections through practices like trigger point therapy, and teach you how to keep your brain talking to your muscles.

Muscle Activation Membership


Get the same hour long treatment at a membership price. You will be billed monthly to use towards your treatment once each month. Need more than one treatment monthly? No problem, come in multiple times a month and get a $50 discount for each additional treatment.

Muscle Activation Package

$1000/ 10pack

Use at your leisure and get a great discounted rate of $100/visit when purchased in a 10pack. That's a 50% discount.

TED Hair Restoration


TED is a ground breaking hair restoration treatment that utilizes acoustic sound waves combined with air pressure to drive specifically formulated medication past the skin's protective layer and deep into the dermis layer of the skin. This nourishes the hair follicles and improves blood flow back to the scalp. This state of the art technology is for anyone who is suffering from shedding, hair loss, and thinning hair. The TED Hair Restoration Treatment is a painless non-invasive procedure that takes only 45min with NO downtime.