The Foushee Team

Advanced and on-going education is at the very heart and soul of Foushee which is how we attract the best stylists in the area. We are a committed family of professionals who enjoy coming to work each day and providing our clients with the best experience possible. You will enjoy our refreshing team dynamic from your very first visit.

Foushee SalonSpa offers 5 Elements/Levels of professional stylists. The "Elements" represent a stylist's reputation, experience and demand which is reflected in the pricing structure.


Kara Forshay

Owner/Master Stylist

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Lisa Donovan

Master Stylist

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Kara Taylor

Master Stylist

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Cassandra Rowland

Master Stylist/Barber & Marketing Director

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Alex Chylinski

Element 5 Stylist

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Shaelyn James

Element 5 Stylist

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Nancy Martinez

Element 5 Stylist

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Janel Fabiano

Element 5 Stylist

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Julia Marsh-Lopez

Element 3 Stylist

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Hannah Benallo

Element 3 Stylist

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Randi Reyes

Assistant/ Element 1 Stylist

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Annaliese Herrera

Element 1 Stylist/ Assistant

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Nail Technicians

Emma Davidson

Element 3 Nail Technician

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Amber Galura

Element 3 Nail Technician

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Danielle Forshay

Master Esthetician & Spa Director

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Kayla Sanchez


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Front Desk

Murph Daly

Front Desk

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Karen Trigg

Front Desk

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Jordan Trigg

Front Desk

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Allie Perez

Front Desk

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RN / Injector Specialist

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Med Spa Director

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