The Foushee Team

Cassandra Rowland

Master Stylist/Barber & Marketing Director

When I started at Foushee


My Beauty career began


Why I Love Foushee

We are given constant education to advance our careers along with the products and knowledge of them to teach our clients how to manage and take care of their needs.

My Favorite Service at Foushee

I would have to say that my favorite service is when someone wants to do a transformation. Whether it be coloring or cutting. I have specialized in men's cutting for a lot of my career and I believe that has helped me know the technical side of cutting all hair types. I also love when a women comes in and wants a new hair color that will grow out seamlessly and will look natural but beautiful.

My Favorite Product Offered at Foushee

I would have to say my favorite products we carry are the LANZA Dry Texture Spray, because it is like having a dry shampoo & hairspray all in one product. It also gives you volume and texture to allow for movement and a little hold. The other is the LANZA Air Paste. This product is great for both men & women. It gives a stronger hold and gives so much wanted texture. Perfect for shorter cuts. I call it "Sass in a Can". For men I love two products. LANZA's Fiber Cream is amazing for short to medium length hair if you are looking for a stronger hold apply on dry hair. The other is Baxter's Hard Cream Pomade. This is a dryer finish product that warms up well in your hands to give you a textured effortless style.

A Bit More About Me

My husband David and I have a beautiful daughter, Aspen. She is full of sass and creativity lol… We also have a wonderful Son, Ethan, and an awesome dog Dexter. In our spare time we like to hike, golf, playing at the park, and of course, hit up all the great Dog Parks here in Colorado.

You can’t have a Million Dollar Dream with a Minimum Wage Work Ethic.