The Foushee Team

Murph Daly

Front Desk

When I started at Foushee


My Beauty career began


Why I Love Foushee

My job at Foushee in Littleton presents so many opportunities to be a “day-maker”...that's my favorite part of the job! We have such a wonderful staff of providers, who attracts so many special clients…I love to help keep the experience here a pleasant and joyful one. Let me know how I can make yours a great one!

My Favorite Service at Foushee

The “Float Away Pedicure” was anonymously gifted to me by a long time guest! It quickly became my favorite Foushee service!

My Favorite Product Offered at Foushee

I love long hair, so my long-time favorite product continues to be “Heat Seal” for my blow dry protection.

When I say “it’s my pleasure!”I really mean it!